posted 21 July, 2021

Online Training Session for Mammographers performing DBT

In response to a new wave of DBT equipment being introduced across the NHSBSP, the National Breast Imaging Academy has developed a half-day training course for mammographers new to performing DBT. This will be delivered entirely online, making training cost- and time-efficient for delegates and departments, and meeting Covid-19 restrictions.

Event details

Microsoft Teams

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Provisional agenda

09:00    Welcome and introductions

09:05    What is tomosynthesis and why do we need it?

09:20    How does tomosynthesis work?

10:05    How do you use the equipment?

10:30    Break

10:45    How do you maintain the equipment (QC)?

11:15    What are the common artefacts?

11:30    How do you explain it to clients and patients?

12:00    How is tomosynthesis used in practice and how does it help?

12:30    Tomosythesis Biopsy

12:45    Questions and discussion

13:00    End

For more information please contact

National Breast Imaging Academy

Official Event Flyer:

Online Training Session for Mammographers performing DBT