Radiology Specialty Trainees

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The National Breast Imaging Academy hosts yearly training days from level ST1 to ST5 specifically on elements of Breast Radiology. The aim of these sessions is to provide an understanding of screening and symptomatic  settings in breast and the role of imaging in diagnosis and management of  breast disease ST1 – ST5 – breakdown of yearly subject content.

ST1 trainees Tailor made study days with aspects including introduction to breast radiology, understanding of screening and symptomatic setting,  basics of mammography, US, MRI and breast intervention in diagnosis of breast disease

ST2 trainees Study day including topics to cover multimodality diagnosis of breast disease, management options, ‘hands-on’ intervention session and curricular work towards FRCR 2A exam preparation

ST3 trainees Breast FRCR 2B preparatory course

Due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to run our FRCR 2b course the usual way. However, we have worked hard to move the course on to a virtual platform. It’s now even bigger and better, with our first virtual course accommodating 18 candidates, 3 observers and 8 examiners. We will be running it in our usual format with live tutorials, vivas and long cases. We are extremely grateful to all the examiners who have given up their time and shared their expertise to make this course another successful one.

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Virtual FRCR 2B attendee

Really very useful and fantastic covering most aspects of breast pathology and FRCR 2B cases.

ST1 Breast Study Day attendee

Very good. Actually considering breast radiology for a career now.