Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act (the Act) gives you the right to access any recorded information which is held by a public authority.

This Trust has two obligations under the Act:

  • Produce and maintain a publication scheme, setting out what information will be made routinely available, where it can be found and whether a charge will be made for it.
  • Respond to individual requests for information which are not included in the publication scheme.

Publication Scheme

A model publication scheme has been developed by the Information Commissioner’s Office – the authority which oversees the Freedom of Information Act. we have adopted the Information Commissioner’s Office model scheme.

We have user friendly guides to the information which is in our scheme for both South Manchester and Central Manchester. These guides lists the categories of information we routinely publish and allows you access to any document which is listed.

Any documents which are listed in our scheme but are not included in our website content will be provided within five days of your request to the relevant department. Full details appear in our guide to information.

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