posted 20 January, 2022

ST Radiology Trainees – Introduction to Breast Radiology

This course aims to provide an insight into Breast Radiology

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5:00pm Registration and introduction

Dr Soujanya Gadde, Consultant Breast Radiologist

5:15pm Day in the life of breast radiologist

Dr Megan Bydder, Consultant Breast Radiologist

5:35pm Myths about breast radiology

Dr Soujanya Gadde, Consultant Breast Radiology

6:05pm Why choose breast radiology – a trainee’s perspective

Dr Saraswathi Aryasomayajula, ST3

6:25pm Break

6:40pm Symptomatic one stop clinics

Mr James Harvey, Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon

7:00pm How does screening work

Dr Emma Hall, Consultant Breast Radiologist

7:20pm Breast MDT- a pathologist’s point of view

Dr Susan Pritchard, Consultant Histopathologist

7:40pm Q&A and finish

National Breast Imaging Academy

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