Academy Online posted 28 June, 2023

National Breast Imaging Academy Online celebrates 3rd anniversary

National Breast Imaging Academy Online celebrates 3rd anniversary

The National Breast Imaging Academy’s (NBIA) e-learning programme which offers free e-learning to radiographers, radiologists, breast clinicians and a host of other health professionals, is celebrating its 3-year anniversary.

In 2020, an initial 50 e-learning sessions were released early to support learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Since then, the programme has been completed and formally launched – it now includes more than 150 sessions covering a range of topics from mammographic interpretation and interventional skills to breast surgery and risk and prevention.

To date there have been more than 55,600 session launches accessed by healthcare professionals across the whole NHS workforce.  Although primarily aimed at breast imagers, the comprehensive programme has found a wide audience which includes medical students, paramedics, returning GPs, healthcare support workers and advanced clinical care practitioners.

Dr Megan Bydder, NBIA Academy Online Clinical Lead and Consultant Breast Radiologist at Wythenshawe Hospital, part of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, commented:

“We’re so pleased to see the resources being so well used – it’s a testament to the collaboration and hard work that has created the Academy Online.

Around 200 expert authors and editors across the country have enthusiastically shared their knowledge and expertise to create this valuable resource, which will be reviewed and updated on a rolling basis. The sessions have been extremely well received by trainees, trainers and qualified practitioners.

Dr Bydder added: “For trainees undergoing formal training programmes such as the Mammography Associate apprenticeship, postgraduate mammography training, the breast clinician credential and the national breast radiology fellowship, the sessions have become a valuable part of their training.

“Qualified practitioners are also using the resources for CPD and to enhance their knowledge and skills. They can access the sessions at any time, to fit their working schedule and training requirements.”

Having clocked up over 25,000 hours of learning, feedback from learners is very positive – quotes from grateful learners include:

“I just wanted to say what a wonderful set of resources you have all established. We are using these resources within our postgraduate education programme in order to support our distance learning activities and we are finding these are working really well to support our students. The content is to a really high standard. You couldn’t have developed these at a better time.” Head of Radiography

“The session was very education with in-depth information on the topic. Images were used to help explain the topic. Very useful overall … I would highly recommend this session.”

“Very good session, you’re never too old or experienced to reflect and relearn.”  Radiographer – Diagnostic

“I am an MRI Radiographer. This has been so helpful to help me with image recognition. Thank you for a great session.”

For more information and to access the programme, please visit the National Breast Imaging Academy (NBIA) programme page.