NBIA Radiology Working Group

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The NBIA Radiology working group has been set up to oversee and guide the delivery of the radiology work stream. The overall aim is to improve recruitment and training of the multidisciplinary heath care professionals delivering breast imaging, deliver new models for training, provide additional training capacity and raise awareness of the career pathways.

Current members of the NBIA Radiology Working Group include;


Dr Soujanya Gadde, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust


Dr Megan Bydder, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Caroline Parkin, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Mary Wilson, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust


Dr William Ramsden, Vice President for Clinical Radiology, The Royal College of Radiologists.
The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

National Working Group Representatives

Dr Elisabetta Giannotti, Nottingham University Hospitals
Dr Lisa Hamilton, Nottingham University Hospitals
Dr Carol-Ellen Holmes, The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Caroline Rubin, University Hospital Southamptom NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Nisha Sharma, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Dr Muthyala Sreenivas, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust
Dr William Teh, London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust
Dr Alexandra Valencia, North Bristol NHS Trust
Dr Louise Wilkinson, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

National Trainee Representative 

Dr Ketan Jethwa, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust